probiotics-resizeProbiotics with Digestive Enzymes “Enzymes and probiotics are two different supplements that can be taken together to support and help optimal digestion and address different digestive issues, as well as help with the overall health of the body” (Labrador, 2013).

Why is it important?

– Promotes healthy intestinal micro flora

– Helps promote optimal digestion

– For good overall health Probiotics

– “Good” bacteria- living microorganisms

– Necessary for digestive and immune health Digestive Enzymes

– Assist the chemical breakdown of food into smaller components to be absorbed

– They extract essential nutrients from food and transform food into energy

– Rebuilds cells Benefits Digestive enzymes taken with meals along with a daily probiotic help with complete digestion along with:

– helping to balance pH

– breaking down and eliminating proteins

– reinforcing nutrient acquisition to replenish important nutrient

– promoting timely elimination of toxins through the colon, kidneys, skin, and lungs

– decreasing the incidence of improperly digested food becoming toxic in the body

– promoting blood circulation, cellular vitality, and overall health and wellness

Where do we get it?

Probiotics – Yogurt, Dark chocolate, Miso soup, Pickles, Kampuchea tea

Supplement Enzymes – raw food, raw vegetables, raw fruit

Daily recommended value Varies depending on the person.

Deficiency Enzyme Deficiency Signs and symptoms to look out for: – digestive problems, skin rashes, acne, eczema, brain fog, headaches, mood swings, joint and myofascial pains, bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine (also known as SIBO), Trouble digesting fatty foods

Probiotic Deficiency Signs and symptoms to look out for: – Antibiotic use can cause a deficiency, Food poisoning, Digestive disturbances, Severe skin problems, Mood disorders, Weak immunity, Ashthma and allergies, Yeast infections



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